We source grapes from a handful of small vineyards across the Napa Valley.

Verdon Estate was built on the principle of producing world-class wines that harness the balance between vine and bottle.

Through long standing relationships, we source fruit from unique vineyards with exceptional pedigree, bringing together the best of nature’s elements that provide the perfect environment for premium grapes. Sourcing from heralded and distinct appellations known for their supreme quality, we work hand in hand with our farmers to access fruit grown in nutrient rich soils that also have a proximity to natural bodies of water. It is this combination of earth, water and air that defines our philosophy, and our wines build upon that legacy from vintage to vintage.

All of our vineyard sources are situated near or border specific bodies of water. Whether it be rivers, creeks, lakes or bays, these natural waterways provide the lifeblood for fruit with exquisite energy, depth and nuance. Waterways are nature’s conduits for fog and cool breezes, which are instrumental in helping grapes maintain the vibrant acidity that is a hallmark of both superlative fruit and the foundation for great wine.